We are building an ethical digital world

We are pioneers in a world that is both digital and ethical. In a world where companies make a profit, but their existence also has a greater purpose. We exist to serve all of our stakeholders – customers, employees, owners, but also the societies in which we operate, as well as the entire planet.

We help and challenge our customers to find new ways of thinking and practices that make the world a better place. The essence of our existence is that everything we do has a positive impact. We want to serve as an example to others of a company that combines successful business with overall responsibility.

We have identified four key responsibility themes for Gofore’s operations: the handprint through our customers, responsibility as an employer, the ethics and environmental friendliness of the results of our work, and good corporate citizenship. We have derived the most important responsibility themes from the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, our materiality assessment includes the key stakeholders we have identified and the key sustainability objectives for them.

Read more in our full sustainability reports available below.

Sustainability reports

5/03/2021 Sustainability Report 2020 (PDF)
13/03/2020 Sustainability Report 2019 (PDF)

Handprint through our customers

It is said that digitalisation is changing the world. But digitalization and technology alone will not change anything. At the heart of all change are people. We believe that real change happens when we decide to use technology to build a better future. The technology itself is neutral, it only matters for what things and in what way we choose to use it. As technology and digitalization evolve, we provide our customers with solutions that take their operations in a more sustainable and responsible direction. With our solutions, we promote, for example, the circular economy, the application of artificial intelligence and the ethical use of data. By bringing new technological innovations and ways of thinking that support sustainable development to our customers in a wide range of industries, and by engaging in a debate on the subject, Gofore has the opportunity to make a significant contribution to sustainable development goals.

Responsibility as an employer

Our passion is digitalisation, but at the heart of it is a person. Our strength is the diverse team of experts in different fields for whom we want to provide the best opportunities to develop and thrive, both at work and beyond. We believe that a person is at his or her most creative when there is a balance between work and life, and when these support each other.

Our employees are our most important resource, and we want to be the best possible employer and work community for them. For example, we were the best workplace in Finland and the second best workplace in Europe in the Great Place to Work® survey in 2017. According to a survey we conducted with the Culture Amp tool in the spring of 2020, almost 90 percent of goforeans would recommend Gofore as an excellent workplace. Gofore was particularly deserving of the following themes: work-life balance, work flexibility in different life situations, and independent work and autonomy.

We encourage our employees to become owners of the company, and some 57 percent of goforeans own the company’s shares.

The ethics and environmental friendliness of the results of our work

All human activities always have both positive and negative effects. The key is to be aware of these, maximize the good effects, and minimize the bad. To this end, we have developed the Good Growth model, which seeks answers to how we are better able to assess and measure the environmental, social and economic impacts of our work.

We consider it our duty to find answers to ethical questions related to information management and data protection. If we find that our work has indirect or immediate negative social or environmental impacts, we will raise awareness among our customers and seek new solutions.

Our entire crew is committed to reducing Gofore’s environmental footprint. For example, we favor public transport, work to improve the energy efficiency of our offices, and buy only sustainably produced goods. Currently four of our Finnish offices are certified with WWF Green Office environmental certificate. Our goal is to get all of our offices certified.

Good corporate citizenship

At Gofore, responsibility is part of all activities, including management. In its business operations, Gofore complies with Finnish legislation and Gofore’s Articles of Association, as well as the Nasdaq Helsinki Insider Guidelines. Gofore does not accept bribery in any form in any of its market areas. We do not support politicians or political parties. We also do not accept tax planning aimed at tax evasion. We have launched a large-scale assessment of corruption-related risks in our operations in 2020. In addition, we aim to contractually ensure the ethical operation of our entire subcontracting chain by developing a separate, subcontractable Code of Conduct during 2020.

Profitable and responsible financial operations have enabled us to support what we consider important. We have donated to support the protection of the Baltic Sea and the fight against climate change, humanitarian aid in Angola, the activities of the Tampere Children’s Clinic and children with cancer and their relatives.

Our work is guided by an ethical basis, you can read more about it in our Code of Ethics