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Tommi Rasinmäki

Lead consultant
Tommi and over 700 other goforeans help our customers to renew in digital transformation with an agile and sustainable way.

Ability for renewal is your most sustainable capital

In this new world, it takes courage to think and act differently – to be curious, come up with new ideas, explore and experiment. In a resilient organisation change is continuous, and people in all roles adapt and develop for the better outcomes.

We in Gofore have been building digital Finland for almost 20 years. This has provided us with a deep understanding on the requirements for agile and sustainable renewal – from clarifying the strategy to building world-class digital services. We help you navigate through the challenges of digitalisation, whatever your situation is. That is what Tommi and the rest of us at Gofore have been created for.

With us you can

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Refine your strategic direction and create a thriving company culture.

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Adapt to agile business models and provide superior employee and customer experience.

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Develop world-class digital solutions utilising sustainable technologies.

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Continuously operate and improve your solutions with passionate professionals.

Lead with agile and sustainable manner

We tailor the right solutions and services to suit your needs. We develop models that will help you manage change and build the skills you need. We can even measure the sustainability of your growth.

Gofore Spark is our unique framework that helps you lead the continuous renewal of operations.

Gofore Good Growth
provides a model and metrics for sustainable business development.

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"The collaboration with Gofore is simultaneously very refreshing, professional and agile. We've been able to gear up the transformation in our leadership culture, and our collaboration model enables prompt reactions into the continuously changing business environment."

Harri Kallio


Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto

At your side in change

Elja Kirjavainen

Elja Kirjavainen

Manager, digital transformation consultant

Jarmo Nykänen

Jarmo Nykänen

Advisory services

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