Backend Developer

Gofore is growing fast and we are looking for back-end developers to join our team in Helsinki and Tampere. Due to our strong presence in the private and public sector in Finland and globally, you will be working at large projects which have a direct and positive impact on the daily lives of millions of people.


Java 8, Clojure, Scala, Spring, RxJS, Akka, REST, JSON, node, Express, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, AWS, Azure

What we look for

As a backend developer you are interested in modern technologies and you are not afraid to dig into source code either. You are passionate about developing your skills and willing to help a colleague or customer when needed. You are familiar with JVM-platform and databases from your previous projects and can design high quality interfaces. You are interested in building a working build pipeline and using cloud services, and functional programming might be something you want to learn more about in the future.