Data Security Consultant

Data Security Consultant

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As an employer and community, we promise to look after you, because healthy employees are the core of our business and our greatest asset. Our praised corporate culture is based on a flat organisation model that enables self-direction and an open operating culture and supports individuality. Our reputation for providing high-quality services to our customers is entirely thanks to our top experts, and we take our modern operating culture with us to customer projects, too.

Development of professional expertise is important to us, and you can pick what you find the most interesting from weekly presentations, guild activities or training. The Gofore community also extends beyond work. Various activities, such as board games, cycling, climbing and video games are some of the things we do during get-togethers combined with sauna, various events and family days. In order to find the right balance between work and free time, you can define your flexible working hours, work remotely and choose the tools that you need. These and many other benefits await you at Gofore!

What we expect from you

We are looking for a new data security consultant for our growing cyber security team to work not only in customer projects but also to manage and maintain our company’s internal data security.The also involves, for instance, technical audits, penetration testing (white, black and grey box), assisting the application developers in matters that are critical in terms of data security (such as authentication and encryption) and code reading and application architecture evaluation from a data security viewpoint.

In order to be successful in your work, you should be comfortable with Linux, understanding of cloud technologies and the various components of applications (platforms, databases etc.). Because the work also includes code reading, programming skills are very helpful.If you have any certificates (OSCP,OSWE, CISSP etc.) or you have been involved in various open source projects, blog writing or, for example, participation in CTF competitions, do mentions them in your application, as we will consider them an asset.

"I'm ****** ****** and I work at Gofore as a data security consultant as part of the data security team. My work usually takes place in projects and mainly involves various audits, testing and general data security consultation. Service ****** for customer ****** was a particularly interesting project, as my work increased the data security of practically everyone in Finland. As a data security consultant, my projects change fast, and sometimes it is challenging to keep with the latest technologies. We do our best by working closely together and with good team spirit and by organising various events and bulletins within our team. We also encourage each other to take acquire necessary certificates and attend various courses. In addition to consultation, my work also consists of the planning and implementation of Gofore's internal security; the latest larger project like this involved getting ****** for the company. Gofore also offers our team a continuous opportunity to develop in the form of participation freely to events and meetups in our sector.

****** ******


secure design, proactive controls, threat analysis, risk analysis, holistic perspective, secure coding, auditing, white hat hacking, information security, cryprography, authentication, authorization, access management

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