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As an employer and community, we promise to look after you, because healthy employees are the core of our business and our greatest asset. Our praised corporate culture is based on a flat organisation model that enables self-direction and an open operating culture and supports individuality. Our reputation for providing high-quality services to our customers is entirely thanks to our top experts, and we take our modern operating culture with us to customer projects, too.

Development of professional expertise is important to us, and you can pick what you find the most interesting from weekly presentations, guild activities or training. The Gofore community also extends beyond work. Various activities, such as board games, cycling, climbing and video games are some of the things we do during get-togethers combined with sauna, various events and family days. In order to find the right balance between work and free time, you can define your flexible working hours, work remotely and choose the tools that you need. These and many other benefits await you at Gofore!

What we expect from you

You work in Gofore’s customers’ development projects at different stages and help them develop their operations and their progress with digitalisation. Your role is to represent the customer and to act as interpreter between the customer’s operations and the technology developers. You are quick to understand the customer’s business, to identify the development needs, to create the necessary solution models and implementation plan, and can lead the change and react quickly to what you have learned.

You are able to produce both extensive architectural plans and requirement specifications and to be proactive and agile in managing the implementation. We also hope you will have experience in agile development methods (e.g. SAFe) and an understanding of lean philosophy. The role requires also documentation and visualisation skills in the form of various specification documents, descriptions and work queue management.

You will have several years’ of experience in working with customers’ information system projects and enterprise architecture, such as competence in enterprise architecture methods (TOGAF, JHS 179, Kartturi etc.). Success in this position will improved if you have experience in customer- and user-oriented design models and methods and an ability to combine these in architectural design. We also hope you will have solid IT expertise and experience in project management.

"”I'm Hanna Tuomi and I work at Gofore as a senior service architect. In addition to enterprise architecture consultation, I also deal with service architect resourcing and manage a few customer accounts for customers. My customer consultation is focused on functional architecture and various assignments related to operational development and fluency. I have also helped customers with the tendering process of large system procurements. Customer assignments that are overlapping make my job interesting and challenging, because I learn something new every day and can make better use of what I have learned. My customers consist of both private and public sector players. Lately I have been engaged in many health care projects, which gives me a feeling that my work has some social significance. At Gofore, the service architect's job description is extremely varied, depending on the person's own level of competence and areas of interest. A service architect may, for example, work as a project manager, enterprise architect, procurement consultant or solution architect. Since we don't have an organisation hierarchy or role-based silos, it's easy to go from one role to another. As you gain more experience, you can also take on more responsibility, such as a customer account or an internal coach. In customer assignments, I also work together with Gofore's service designers and management consultants. This gives me a good chance to learn more about the work of an architect and to learn many new ways of working. The best thing in Gofore's working environment is that your colleagues are always ready to spar you if you need fresh ideas for workshop facilitation or the best practices of enterprise architecture, for instance. We have more than 60 people working as service architects, and there's always someone among them who has something useful to contribute."

Hanna Tuomi

Senior Service Architect


Enterprise Architecture, JHS 179, TOGAF, Agile, Lean, project management

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