Experienced software developers in Jyväskylä

Experienced software developers in Jyväskylä

What we offer

As a developer, you will dive into the development of new services of our customers’. We want to give you as much responsibility and freedom as possible. This way you will have chance to influence the way you work, what technologies and tools you will use.

You don’t have to feel left alone. You will have a broad network of Gofore professionals and over 40 people from Gofore’s office in midtown Jyväskylä. Each of us have our own areas of expertise and we can use them to help you in all the areas you feel like you need some help or want to change ideas with someone. Gofore as an organization is built in a way that enables this way of working and supporting.

As an employer and community, we promise to take care of you, because happy and healthy employees are the core of our business. Our reputation as a provider of high-quality services for our customers is the pinnacle result from our top-notch professionals. We operate in a low hierarchy, self-directed, and transparent way. Common features among our diverse network of Gofore professionals are the pioneering spirit and the willingness to work in an organisation that aims not only to yield profits, but also to create a more human, sustainable, and ethical digital world.

It is crucial for us to make sure our professionals stay professionally sharp and you can choose your career path by developing those skills you feel are important. As an employee at Gofore you will have a chance to participate in different kind of trainings and gain certificates that you need to become better as a software professionals.

Here in Jyväskylä we also have a lot different kinds of activities you can take part in. Our employees host clubs where you can play board games, go to movies or do sports together. Gofore will support all of this, because the balance between work and free time is becoming ever more important, and happy employees are great employees.

We also offer a lot of other benefits, as well: flexible working hours, a possibility to work remotely, and freedom to choose your working equipment. We offer a really comprehensive healthcare package, dental care, reimbursed nanny for sick child, and paid leave if you need to take care of your sick parent.

What we expect from you

You have at least about 5 years of experience working as a software professional. You are able to see the big picture when thinking about the technical tools and solutions. You are able to do this in co-operation with the customer to solve the challenges quickly and delicately.

The buzzwords we are looking for: fullstack, Java, cloud, AWS, etc.

If you have a spesific interest for something, we want to provide you chance to focus on that. More important than a specific understanding one particular technology is the interest and will to learn new things and find the best solution for each situation. Previous is experience working with IoT, distributed systems and industry is seen as a plus. If you have worked as a team lead and want to use those skills, let us know and we will see if there’s something that you can put those skills in good use.

Please note that due to our clientele and current customer projects, we hope that you have professional working proficiency in Finnish. Some projects require a security clearance check by the Finnish Security Intelligence Service. In case you will work in such a project, this check is required. It is always done with the applicant’s consent.


"I’m Juha and I’ve worked as a fullstack developer for Gofore since 2017. In my day-to-day work I use many different technologies with different customers to solve their problems. My working days include coding, planning, learning new things and working with different architectures. My work is versatile and it provides a possibility for constant improvement and a chance to develop as a developer. There are so many great professional working for Gofore and they help me grow and learn as well. Lately I’ve been working with functional languages, cloud-based solutions and mobile development. On my spare time I play football with my colleagues and take part in the activities of the many clubs of Gofore."


Full stack developer


Java, Kotlin, Scala, Python, JavaScript, React, Edge computing

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