Senior Frontend Developer

Senior Frontend Developer

What we offer

As an employer and community, we promise to take care of you, because happy and healthy employees are the core of our business. Our reputation as a provider of high-quality services for our customers is the pinnacle result from our top-notch professionals. We operate in a low hierarchy, self-directed, and transparent way. Common features among our diverse network of Gofore professionals are the pioneering spirit and the willingness to work in an organisation that aims not only to yield profits, but also to create a more human, sustainable, and ethical digital world.

Versatile customer projects offer you endless opportunities for professional development, and you can pick what you find the most interesting from our weekly presentations and guild activities. We support participating in other trainings and events as well to grow your expertise. The Gofore community also extends beyond work in the form of various activities such as video games, sauna, and family days. To support work-life balance, we offer you flexible working conditions and freedom to choose the tools that you need. These and many other benefits await you at Gofore!

What we expect from you

You are interested in modern front end technologies and won’t be shy about using them. You love elegant code that is easy to maintain and develop further.For many, JavaScript mostly reminds them of pop-ups and alerts – but you think of SPA. You want to make web applications that are intuitive and easy to use – on all devices. You are able to apply the principles of good software design also in terms of style and markup.

You may be interested in software development or already have experience in it. Experience in modern web frameworks and libraries and functional and reactive programming are considered an asset. Use of cloud services and implementation of high-quality web interfaces by various means may also be close to your heart.

Gofore is an international workplace, and we welcome people from different backgrounds. Please note that as some of our customers work in Finnish, professional working proficiency in Finnish is a big advantage. Some projects require a security clearance check by the Finnish Security Intelligence Service. In case you will work in such a project, this check is required. It is always done with the applicant’s consent.


"I'm Panu Klemola and I work at Gofore on Finnish Institute of Occupational Health projects. In practice, my days are spent working with Vue.js and the project's DevOps side. Work is done with the Scrum methodology in two-week sprints. What we do varies considerably; sometimes it's pure user interface programming, while the next sprint may focus more on architecture and AWS automation. Every day is different and it never becomes boring. The technologies we currently use in the project include Vue.js, Terraform, Node.js and a number of AWS services. However, it is less important for a front end developer to know about the latest buzzword technologies but to have an ability and keen interest to always learn something new. This is why Gofore encourages learning in many ways, such as through its guild activities. Employees can establish or join guilds that help them develop, to learn new things and reinforce what they already know. Gofore offers its employees guild funding, and time spent on guild activities is considered working hours (you can use 6% of your working hours on self-development). This gives all Gofore employees a chance to develop in their career in a direction they see fit.""

Panu Klemola


JavaScript, ES6, ES7, React, Redux, MobX, Angular, TypeScript, Vue.js, Node, Docker

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