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As an employer and community, we promise to look after you, because healthy employees are the core of our business and our greatest asset. Our praised corporate culture is based on a flat organisation model that enables self-direction and an open operating culture and supports individuality. Our reputation for providing high-quality services to our customers is entirely thanks to our top experts, and we take our modern operating culture with us to customer projects, too.

Development of professional expertise is important to us, and you can pick what you find the most interesting from weekly presentations, guild activities or training. The Gofore community also extends beyond work. Various activities, such as board games, cycling, climbing and video games are some of the things we do during get-togethers combined with sauna, various events and family days. In order to find the right balance between work and free time, you can define your flexible working hours, work remotely and choose the tools that you need. These and many other benefits await you at Gofore!

What we expect from you

We are seeking an IT architect to help us build a digital Finland. Gofore’s IT architects work in our customers’ large and business-critical development projects, creating solutions and solution models within system architecture, technology architecture and integration architecture.

An IT architect acts as an interpreter between operational development and IT. This involves, among other things, the conversion of business targets and demands into the language of a technical solution, modeling of the architecture’s current and target status, dividing the development work into sensible chunks, and continuous control in line with the architecture. An IT architect works either in the early stage of the development project’s life cycle, while the solution is being planned, or during the entire development life cycle, guiding the implementation.

As an IT architect, you speak fluent technology and business. You understand that the implementation of even good ideas requires communication between various stakeholders and clearly structured and easily understood proposals. Modern IT architecture means to you something other than monolithic and closed systems. You are widely and well familiar with traditional application, database and integration technologies and modern cloud technologies.

"“I'm Tapani Mikola and I work at Gofore as an IT architect, specialising in software architect, software development and testing environments and agile development methods. My job description is very extensive, covering practically all technical work in software projects from the design-phase architectural decisions all the way to finding out root causes of slowness in automatic testing. I have also supported customers in the development and implementation of agile processes and optimised processes from the viewpoint of the software developer. What I like in my work is that I can solve the customers' most difficult software project problems, and then see the results. I've never been good at focusing on a single area or technology, so quick transitions from the back end to the front end and the CI pipeline scripts and through PostgreSQL and React to Tomcat suit me just fine, and as a bonus I get a better and better an overall view how things should be done. As an IT architect at Gofore, I get to meet lots of different people, who work in a variety of roles in quite different sectors. This roles offers both rewarding things to do and a chance to learn something new all the time."

Tapani Mikola

IT Architect


agile, frontend development, backend development, CI/CD, databases, microservice architecture

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