Senior Cloud Specialist (Azure)

Senior Cloud Specialist (Azure)

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As an employer and community, we promise to take care of you, as staff wellbeing is at the heart of our company. Our reputation for providing quality services to our customers is all down to our top experts. Our flat organisational model creates an independent and transparent work culture. Our diverse team of experts is united by a pioneering spirit and a desire to work in a company that does more than just make a profit – our aim is to create a more humane, sustainable and ethical digital world.

You can develop and gain experience on diverse customer projects, and choose the most interesting opportunities from weekly presentations and guild activities. We support you to get involved in other training and events to boost your skills. The community of Goforeans extends beyond work in sauna evenings, video games, family days and more. To help you find the right work-life balance, we offer you flexible working conditions and tools to meet to your needs. These and many other benefits await you at Gofore!

Work where your heart is

At Gofore, we strongly believe that you work best where you feel most at ease. Therefore, you can choose whether you work in our office in Helsinki, Tampere, Jyväskylä or Turku, at home or the summer cottage in Iivantiira. The main thing is that you do your work on time and well. As an employer, we promise to enable the ways of working you choose by providing support and a framework.

We want to create good working life and look forward to the future where we Goforeans will work from Helsinki to Lapland and from the heart of Savo to the sea coast!


Did you know that Gofore already employs about 50 public cloud specialists, who build genuinely meaningful services that affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of Finns?

Our agile team of Cloud Specialists is looking for Azure experts to work on our customer projects. As a Goforean, you can create your own career path and role: focus on and delve into technical implementations, or building and developing infrastructure as a Cloud Developer. Or if you prefer to have a more consultative role close to the customer’s business, designing architectures and sustainable cloud solutions, you can become or grow with us as a Cloud Architect. The most important thing is the desire to work hands on in the cloud and find the best technology solutions to enable our customers to succeed.

We expect you to have several years of experience with cloud solutions, for instance as a Cloud Specialist, Systems Specialist or Software Developer. You use Azure fluently and have experience with Azure’s IaaS, PaaS or FaaS services. We’d also love to hear if you know about container technologies, other public cloud platforms, CI/CD tools, serverless or DevOps operating models. If you are used to working with both the customer and the software development team, that’s a great advantage.

This role provides an opportunity to grow as a specialist alongside our cloud business. Of course, you don’t have to know everything, yet, but above all we value enthusiasm to develop yourself and genuine interest in cloud solutions. We promise to provide you with challenging customer projects, the support of our expert community and the tools you need to continuously develop your skills!

Gofore is an international workplace, and we welcome people from different backgrounds. Please note that as some of our customers work in Finnish, professional working proficiency in Finnish is a big advantage. Some projects require a security clearance check by the Finnish Security Intelligence Service. In case you will work in such a project, this check is required. It is always done with your consent.


"I’m Tero Vartiainen and at Gofore I work mainly with Azure as a Cloud Specialist and Scrum Master. My background is in project management, and as a Technical Project Manager, I was able to follow project implementation very closely, utilising the latest cloud service solutions. With that experience, it was quite natural for me to delve deeper into the cloud and develop myself as a Cloud Specialist. I was interested in leveraging cloud-enabled, agile, cost-effective and secure solutions to meet the most common challenges throughout the lifecycle of development projects. My own work has been really diverse. I’ve worked on building infrastructure for a customer project using IaC (Infrastructure as Code) methods, constructing CI/CD pipelines, monitoring and alarm mechanisms and designing cloud architecture to meet the customer’s needs. You can do all this and more! One of the best things about working at Gofore is how staff interests and wishes are taken into account – we decide on suitable customer projects together. I’ve been able to choose whether I want to focus on a particular area in the cloud or if I’m more interested in the big picture. There is always something new to learn about working in the cloud, and Gofore supports Cloud Specialists to develop themselves by providing the best tools in an expert environment."

Tero Vartiainen

Cloud Specialist / Technical Project Manager


Azure, IaaS, DevOps, CI/CD, Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible

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