Test automation specialist for telecom projects

Test automation specialist for telecom projects

We are recruiting

Test automation specialists for telecom projects

Is that you?

We are looking for developers eager to work in the intelligent industry. Our projects range from embedded systems for machines and equipment to complete industrial digitalisation solutions.

We design software for both physical devices and the cloud environment, and we solve problems from the product design stage, throughout development, to the end of the product lifecycle. We work in projects involving intelligent machines, energy, production, telecom, or health and wellbeing technologies.

Your skills will have a big impact. You will help clients with projects that are critical to their business. The digitalisation of industry will also help strengthen the competitiveness of Finland as a whole.

About us

In 2014, we received our first assignment: to encode software into a forest machine. There were two of us at the time. The customer liked the result. Soon we were asked to build systems for tractors, energy meters and other industrial solutions. That is why we needed more experts. A lot more.

Less than a decade later, we already have more than 130 experts. The desire to help customers even more and more internationally has grown. The merger with Gofore enabled us to bring together the Intelligent Industry that unites us.

Telecommunications is a rapidly growing area in our unit. We work with telecommunication system suppliers as well as in operator projects, with the latest and most fascinating telecommunication technologies – 5G or ORAN as examples.

We offer the diverse benefits of a large employer and a strong work community. Our mission is to help our customers get more out of their business, improve their end-user experience, and find new directions to grow their business.

We invest in the well-being of our employees as follows:

  • In addition to lunch, exercise, and cultural benefits, we have comprehensive occupational health care.
  • With a few exceptions, you can work remotely – even from a lakeside pier.
  • We allow you to develop yourself while working. If you come across a topic in your customer project that you need more understanding of, we will arrange the coaching or training you want.
  • In connection with technology breakfasts, we will get to know new tools and practices and their application possibilities in our own work.
  • We have assembled active technology teams to get people to help each other quickly with acute problems. There is always someone who helps.
  • The team spirit is maintained by gathering around sports activities such as mountain biking, paintball and go-karting. Do you have a favourite sport? Suggest it and we shall arrange it!
  • Whether you have worries about work or your family situation, your manager’s front door is always open.
  • The CrewShare share savings program allows you to become a Gofore owner if you wish. We have a strong belief that the direction of the company must be decided by our own team.
  • Please note that still in 2022, regarding intelligent industry jobs, the employment benefits will differ in part from Gofore’s other jobs until our unit merges with Gofore benefits.

What kind of expert are we looking for?

  • We hope you have a university degree in the field and a few years of practical experience in test automation, end-to-end testing and/or CI/CD pipelines and programming languages (Robot Framework, Jenkins, Python and/or other relevant technologies).
  • You are familiar with with version control and testing tools and methods.
  • You have a good understanding of telecommunications technology, radio technology or communication protocols.
  • You have experience in the cloud environment.
  • You master agile software development methods.
  • You are interested in technical gadgets 🙂
  • You are an open and positive person with a strong desire to learn something new.
  • You can communicate fluently in both Finnish and / or English.
  • We want to find you a role that supports your talents and interests.

What do we offer you?

We value your strengths, so you get a competitive salary according to your skills. You can challenge yourself in interesting and innovative projects that have an impact on both the customer’s business and Finnish society at large. In projects, you get to take as much responsibility as you want but you don’t have to.

Together, we weigh projects that support your expertise and desire to develop. With us, you can create an expertise that looks like yourself. If you wish, you can delve into a specific focus area or expand your understanding in many industries and in many programming languages.

You get to work with the best professionals in the industry. Despite our rapid growth, there is immediate small house vibe here, so we believe you will enjoy yourself.

Was there anything left to think about?

If you have any questions, don’t procrastinate, just contact Jani or Tomi (see below), they will be happy to help you.

Call or email

Jani Leskinen, Oulu
P. 040 5432088,

Tomi Vahtera, Espoo
P. 040 7345151,


Robot Framework, Pytest, Jenkins, Selenium, Jira, JUnit, Docker, HIL

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