Case Elisa

Customer Team Model guarantees fluid collaboration

Case Elisa

Customer Team Model guarantees fluid collaboration

Happy employees and world-class services go hand in hand

The Customer Team Model brings ease to everyday work, ensures continuous development, and reduces employee turnover. The partnership between Gofore and the leading communications and digital service provider Elisa is all about succeeding together. 

Gofore is collaborating with Elisa in several areas and is one of Elisa’s key partners in their multi-supplier environment. Elisa’s solutions are tested by several Gofore’s experts in order to ensure that Elisa’s customers receive world-class products and services. The collaboration has been ongoing for several years, and one of the secrets for the long term partnership is Gofore’s Customer Team Model. 

Utilizing the entire team’s expertise 

The Customer Team model is based on close-knit collaboration not only between Elisa and Gofore but also Gofore internally. Because Gofore’s experts work mainly at Elisa’s premises and in several different teams, the overall collaboration is managed by a designated Customer Lead and an Account Owner. The Customer Lead ensures the success and satisfaction of Goforeans working at Elisa, while the Account Owner is responsible for long-term planning of both the collaboration and the development of shifting business needs. 

Gofore’s Elisa team meets regularly both as a whole and in smaller groups. Active communication ensures that information and best practices are shared, and proven operating models from other teams can be replicated. Uniformity brings a sense of ease to everyday work. Because methods and processes are often similar, extra resources can easily be allocated from another team.  

– Our IT environment is highly complex and includes several processes and systems. Earlier our development model was more siloed but in Gofore’s model, the developers working in different teams collaborate a lot with each other. This really streamlines our operations as testers can share know-how and work together agilely without a need for extra facilitation, Elisa’s Technical Product Owner Emilia H. illustrates. 

Smooth workflow and continuous development 

The Customer Team Model makes everyday workflow smooth and enables continuous development. Gofore’s team has a thorough understanding of Elisa’s current status and future needs, which enables the team to help and develop Elisa’s operations in the best possible way. The collaboration is rooted in shared values and a similar corporate culture which also contributes towards a successful outcome.  

– Testing and quality assurance is something you do every day and you become routined easily. When you are in a hurry it is easy to stick to old habits and workflows. Therefore, I see it valuable that somebody keeps an eye on the big picture and its further development, Emilia H. says. 

– Gofore has a vast customer and project base which is a massive benefit for Elisa. Innovations found in other customers’ projects are often introduced into our collaboration, Elisa’s Head of Ecosystems & Vendors Sakari Volanen says. 

Happy employees = happy customers  

The Customer Team Model combines customer and employee satisfaction in a unique way. As Customer Lead and Account Owner work in close collaboration with consultants, decision-making is quick, and they have a thorough understanding of their team’s needs. As roles can easily be reassigned within the customership, no knowledge is lost, and new projects do not have to start from scratch.   

– I love the variation in our projects. I’ve had the opportunity to experience different roles with Elisa and have seen many sides of their systems. For example, making the current state analysis on their change management testing process gave me a comprehensive view of Elisa’s entire business, says Gofore’s testing manager Anu Hippeläinen, a member of the Elisa team for several years.  

In addition to the current state analysis of the testing process, Hippeläinen has worked in the testing of the Mobile Certificate 2 project. She has also worked as a tester in the teams developing e.g. Elisa’s back-end systems, billing systems, order channels, product management system and Elisa Viihde service. 

– It is easier to work together with the people you know. When experts work together in good athmosphere, it always leads to impressive results, Emilia H. thanks.  

The team has naturally seen some turnover, but I appreciate that Gofore has applied a controlled approach to changes and has been able to guarantee continuity with Gofore’s usual high quality. As their experts know our people, business, products, and services can operate proactively. They have the knowledge of what kind of expertise the team needs so we can succeed together, Sakari Volanen says. 

Highlight of Customer Team Model

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To develop world-class services for Elisa’s customers, generate discernible value for Elisa and ensure a great workflow for everyone.
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The Customer Team Model is rooted in close-knit collaboration, a customer team that shares information actively and a partnership-oriented approach.
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The seamless collaboration and Gofore’s expertise helped Elisa develop their customer experience and the quality of their services.

"Gofore has a vast customer and project base which is a massive benefit for Elisa. Innovations found in other customers’ projects are often introduced into our collaboration."

Sakari Volanen

Head of Ecosystems and Vendors

Elisa Oyj

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