Case Estonian Ministery of Foreign Affairs

Agile collaboration enables fast project delivery

Case Estonian Ministery of Foreign Affairs

Agile collaboration enables fast project delivery

The MVP of the TEPP platform was launched only six months after the project’ kick-off thanks to close-knit collaboration and agile working methods.

Commissioned by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Team Europe Partnerships Portal (TEPP) is a matchmaking platform for supporting partner countries in finding innovative and efficient tools that can help them achieve sustainable development goals, eradicate poverty and address inequality while building inclusive and sustainable societies.

The platform’s mission is to create a bridge between members of Team Europe and partner countries, thus supporting the emergence of partnerships.

– The initial idea of TEPP portal was to provide quick support for partner countries that would help to recover from the COVID pandemic. TEPP is an innovative and easy-to-use platform that symbolizes the unity of Team Europe, says Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jonatan Vseviov.

Félix Fernandez-Shaw, Director for Sustainable Development Policy and Coordination at the European Comission’s INTPA.D, refers to TEPP as an excellent example of how a member state can think big and offer innovative solutions for the whole European Union.

TEPP was developed by a consortium of companies: Gofore, Trinidad Wiseman, Aktors and Kodality. As the lead company in the project, Gofore got to utilize their complete competence: project management, business analysis and product architecture, software development, UI/UX design, quality assurance, and software testing.

Close collaboration in a remote setting

The TEPP project presented two challenges: a very tight schedule and a large project team that had never worked together before. The team worked and collaborated remotely – Gofore’s experts were located in Estonia and Finland, and the European Commission’s product owner DG INTPA was situated in Brussels.

Overcoming the distance, the project team worked in tight collaboration with the customer as well as beneficiaries and their partners. The challenging project was implemented in a fast pace by adhering to agile development practices: the platform was ready for pilot users only three months after kick-off.

– The project team got organized very quickly and started work with design and development environments in close co-operations with the Foreign Ministry of Estonia and stakeholders. The design team was able to create the first successful prototype in just two weeks, Gofore’s project manager Sari Karumo illustrates.

Open communication makes for a rewarding project

In addition to development work, Gofore also coached the entire project team in agile ways of working. Agile methods such as meeting structures and project management tools were agreed on at the beginning and successfully implemented with only small modifications during the project.

Special focus in sharing information and open communication between the team and stakeholders ensured that the project was a rewarding experience for all involved parties.

– Considering the demanding schedule, need for fast-paced learning in a new business area, and the fact that the team had not been working together earlier, the great outcome of the TEPP project has showed that anything is possible with the right attitude and close collaboration, Gofore’s Sari Karumo says.

Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs project manager Katrin Rohtla said that the team did a great job and achieved a lot.

– The team needed to showcase excellent cooperation and communication skills to achieve such a huge objective with limited time. Another important factor was change management which allowed the team to adapt quickly and orient themselves to continuous learning, Rohtla highlights.

Project Highlights

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Team Europe wished to create a collaborative platform for bringing together the expertise of the private sector, public sector, and financial organisations in Europe.
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Working together with three providers, Gofore was the lead party of the TEPP platform project and introduced agile working methods to the customer.
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The platform was developed in a tight schedule and successfully implemented in only three months.

"The team needed to showcase excellent cooperation and communication skills to achieve such a huge objective with limited time."

Katrin Rohtla

Project Manager

Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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