Chatbot Summer 2020

Get your own personalized virtual assistant

Chatbot Summer 2020

Get your own personalized virtual assistant

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What is a chatbot?

Chatbot is a program that communicates with humans. Usually it simulates human conversation. Simple chatbots choose their answers from a database based on keywords or word patterns. The software is capable of executing tasks: you can automate routines like, repetitive tasks with a chatbot. By creating a personality to the chatbot you can make the tone of voice and the conversations feel more humane.

Could chatbots work with you?

Chatbot offers you a possibility to improve your organisation’s internal communications or customer service. The bot will work for you as part of your team. You can outsource a part, like night time customer service, or an entire role, like answering the most frequently asked questions, for the chatbot. Gofore’s Chatbot Summer gives you an easy opportunity to start. This Summer you will have a chance to have a bot with a unique personality – could your chatbot be funny, to the point, calm or pedant?

Choose the best solution for you

A little goes a long way

You get a personalized chatbot, that can answer simple questions in a defined field. This little bot is an easy introduction to the world of virtual assistants.

A virtual helping hand

You get a personalized chatbot, that works as a base for customer service or helps with your organisation’s internal needs.

Your own efficient chatty app

You get a personalized chatbot, that is a production ready chatbot app. If you want, the chatbot is ready to work with a broad audience, for example on your website, and it can search information with an API.

Heavy-weight helper

You get a personalized chatbot, that can be connected to multiple systems and is capable of executing challenging tasks. All heavy-weight helpers will be designed as an extension to the S-L products.

Ready to start? We are ready when you are!

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