Alma Media

Media Group seeks to integrate services


A visual tool for strategic publishing planning and management


Designing financing services for small businesses

City of Espoo

Parents gain greater access to everyday life of early childhood education

Vantaa city

The Solutions Office refines ICT Ideas into Working Solutions for the City of Vantaa

Finnish National Agency for Education –

Opintopolku – online service for students

Frank Students

A digital student ID in your pocket


Business design spurred an increase in productivity at dairy and fish farms


Gofore speeds up the IoT development at Voith


Pioneering the future as a competitive advantage


Local Search Service Tramples International Giants


A World Class IoT-application Garners Attention at an International Convention in Miami

The Finnish Transport Agency

Multi-vendor Project for the Future Traffic Control


Driver Certification for the 21st Century

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Focusing on customer dialogue and Lean

Population Registration Service – KaPA

Finland’s Digital Future

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