Evolve or die: thriving media business via seamless cooperation

Many have predicted that Finnish newspaper circulation will decrease each month as global players move into the domestic market. Alma Media identified this trend and turned the threat into an opportunity to go digital. Today, a large part of Alma’s business is digital. The foundation for accelerated growth has been laid. While the story of the newspaper business is not over, Alma’s content production and publishing has now been comprehensively digitalized.

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Integration with cloud-based microservices

Gofore provides integration services for media companies, connecting their services and streamlining the flow of information between them. Over a hundred services have been successfully integrated.

The flexible microservices architecture pattern enables successful integrations to be accomplished economically and efficiently. Such integrations support our clients development of digital services such as online advertising solutions and media distribution networks.

The integration of our systems was agile and cost-effective. We are particularly satisfied with the reliability and performance.

Simo Syrjänen

Alma Media

Comprehensive services guarantees customers' peace of mind

Gofore’s service is based on continuous improvement, including planning, carrying out, monitoring, and maintaining all integrations. Our integration solutions exploit the Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure, which provides the flexibility to shift resources as requirements change in real time. We use proven and widely supported open-source Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIB).

The development of the integration platform as transparent as possible and we tailor the solution to the customer’s environment. The source code for platform is established and maintained the under the customer’s version control.

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Soile Roth

Head of Business, Design

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