From the house phone to one in each of our pockets

Digitalisation changes all the rules. Fonecta understood this at the beginning of the 2000, when the sun started to set on the phone book business. Due to digitalisation, Fonecta’s information is always available right away.

Being a trendsetter in the digital age requires an open-minded attitude, a readiness to take chances, as well as close cooperation with the best partners in the sector.

Development expenditures cut by half
Searches / 24 h
Applications developed 2012 - 2016

A Unified Service Experience is Finland’s most widely used directory service, and Finland’s most popular website, immediately after news sites. This success is a tribute to the exceptional development of a powerful culture – the ability to develop services rapidly.

The last major change at Fonecta was to combine searches. Previously, the service had their own searches for services, phone numbers, businesses, and individuals. Now all the search work can be accomplished through a single search box.

The market is constantly digitalising, and the change is rapid, so the ability to react and change is of chief importance.

Lauri Halkosaari


DevOps – From Slow Update Cycles to the Road of Continuous Improvement

The joint journey of Gofore and Fonecta began in 2010. It began with a proof-of-concept phase, after which the development began from scratch in entirely new ways. The effects of changes from the previous practices were huge. Today, Fonecta is able to continuously deliver new features to production. In the years 2012-2016, the team developed over 50 different web applications or services, which were immediately sent to production.

Upgrades can be taken into production without interruptions; breakages in service are lower than ever before. In the old model, new features were taken into production four times a year. With the changes in work practices have come a halving of development costs.

Members of development teams are required to not only have a high level of professional skills, but to adopt suitable ways of working by their own initiative.

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Soile Roth

Head of Business, Design

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