Digitalising student life

Frank realised that the plastic cards and stickers the students were using don’t belong in the 21st century. Instead, they built a concept of a downloadable student ID application. Instead of waiting for several weeks, a digital student ID can be downloaded with a few clicks. At the same time, the student receives information on all the discounts and benefits available. Frank wants to serve the student and wanted the user experience to be world-class. The starting point for the development work was a strong vision and an open mind.

From idea to product
Collaborative companies

10 weeks to a mobile app

Gofore defined the most important issues affecting the end users and focused on designing a simple and easy-to-use application. With careful planning and the best tools, the best possible hybrid mobile app was built for the end user. Frank App has been downloaded more than 50 000 times on iOS and Android devices. The application was awarded as the best mobile utility service at Slush 2016, Europe’s most prestigious startup event.

The nature of the development project and scheduling pressures demanded excellent problem solving and pressure management skills from the team. The Gofore experts brought their strong knowledge and a fresh questioning attitude that helped develop the product from the end user’s point of view. More than 20 000 users within the first week speaks of the fact that for a good team, speed and quality don’t rule each other out.

Sauli Böhm


Close collaboration with the common goal in mind

The project’s whirlwind development speed surprised even Gofore’s developers. Many things came together at the same time. Open communication was used in the development process. Obstacles were noted and solved quickly. Problems that would take days to solve in a rigid organisation, were often solved during one meeting.

Features were validated immediately after completion and technology choices were done from a business point-of-view – best tools for each purpose. The project team reacted quickly and with courage, while still listening to the end users’ feedback.

Antti Veistaro

Senior Service Architect

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