The Heart of Digitalisation: KaPA

The National Service Architecture (KaPA) forms the heart of digitalised Finland. The base infrastructure will be built during 2015-2018. Comprised of four projects, they will bring a national service portal, new user authentication solutions, role and authorization management services, and storage of data about services with multiple interfaces for those services aimed at citizens, officials, and business owners. KaPA is developed under the auspices of the Finnish Population Registration Service. Further information (in Finnish):

All services in one place
Service availability
Level of service

Towards the Future Service Experience

The National Service Architecture can be used to bring surprising electronic services that cross organisational borders. With KaPA’s support, such services can be easier to use, easier to find, and more efficient. These services will improve the sharing of data and the interoperability of systems. From the average citizen’s point of view, electronic interactions with services will be easier and more efficient, with only a single sign on to one address.

KaPA services are built with a focus on user-centeredness. Experts from Gofore have been involved in all four of the agile development teams. Their expert know how is at a very high level and the cooperation with Gofore as gone very smoothly.

Janne Viskari

Finnish Population Registration Service

Gofore National Service Architecture Experts

We are excited about building a new future with the help of the Finnish Population Registration System. Gofore has been importing the X-Road technology from Estonia and building the service interface: and transaction service. All aspects of the service have been built to be close to the customer, to be agile, to exploit new technologies, to consider the end user, and to be on time. The KaPA programme and its various related projects will be a huge technical and conceptual success story.

We know the ins and outs of the National Service Architecture. We know why KaPA will be the backbone of Finland’s digital services, and we know how you can join into this change. We are happy to tell you:

  • How the KaPA services were built
  • How the services can be integrated most effectively
  • How various services were used to plan and realise KaPA
mikko kolehmainen

Mikko Kolehmainen

Business Manager

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