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While in recent years the value of information has become widely understood, along with other megatrends like the internet of things ( IoT) , analytics, and the big data, the industrial internet has a long history. The story of the LabkoNet system begins in 1998. At that time, it was a simple application to monitor tank levels. The partnership between Gofore and Labkotec kicked off in 2005, when the development of LabkoNet 3.0 began. The application was developed to allow more intelligent reporting. The new system was brought into production in 2006, after which it has served thousands of users in different fields. Development of the system continued and a new version was brought into production in 2017.

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Industrial Services 4.0

LabkoNet is a cost-effective, low user-threshold IoT-platform, appropriate for varied needs, from small water pumping stations to large-scale forest industry and petrol station chains. Development through digitalisation offers completely new opportunities for information management and for customers to development their business operations. Meanwhile, LabkoNet has shaped Labkotec’s business operations closer to the industry 4.0 business model.

When the measurement of a large container of dangerous chemicals is always within less than a hundredth of a liter, we can be more than satisfied with that achievement.

Tero Seppänen

Lassila & Tikanoja

Pioneering the Future and as Competitive Advantage

As the amount of data to be stored grows exponentially, real-time requirements have increased along with customer expectations for the use of intellectual capital in relation to developmental analytics – these trends are evidence that industry is 4.0 has arrived. The future is ripe with infinite possibilities along with serious challenges for those who cannot keep up with the development. Before the LabkoNet system, the company was focused on sales of measurement equipment. Now they offer customers complete services for supervision and monitoring of sites as well as forecasting of inventory levels and logistics planning.

Every year production of services forms an increasingly important part of Labkotec’s turnover. The business as stabilized and become more predictable. The enterprise has transitioned to the industrial era of the internet, based on service innovations and development of the value chain instead of hardware sales and project deliveries. This required not only understanding of the ways to process information but also the potential for innovation and the creativity to see the new opportunities created by emerging technologies.

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