Internet of Farming (IoF) refines data from production

Gofore is currently engaging in collaboration with Raisioagro to develop agricultural services. Raisioagro produces animal fodder, but the company is also looking to contribute to the creation of well-being at dairy and fish farms. Everyday agricultural operations are typically monitored and optimised with the help of indicators that are based on data compiled from production. While this results in plenty of numerical data on everyday operations, the utilisation of said data has been sporadic.

All of this compiled data becomes truly meaningful only when it leads to operational changes in regard to rearing cattle and fish. Providing the right amount of nutrition in different conditions and growth stages contributes not only to the well-being of the animals, but to that of the environment as well. These are the type of practical issues that the Internet of Farming (IoF) can help address.

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A happy cow provides more milk

Working together with dairy farmers, Gofore and Raisioagro investigated what kind of tools can help increase productivity. The Tuotostutka service concept was found to increase the productivity of dairy farms by 6%. The concept involves monitoring the activity and feeding of cattle with similar technology found in activity trackers and other smart devices.

Now there is also a similar tool available for monitoring the growth of fish and determining the sizes of their feed portions. Instead of handling calculations manually, fish farms can utilise the mobile Kasvuluotain app to monitor fish growth and determine optimal feed portions.

Gofore has helped us gain insights from other industries on how to identify real customer needs.

Ilmo Aronen

Director of R&D, Raisioagro

Digital solutions provide more data from below the surface

“The app helps fish farmers gain a better understanding of what goes on under the surface and how the growth of fish develops,” says Senior Business Designer Mikko Nurmi from Gofore.

In Finland, fish are grown in highly varied conditions, in both the Finnish archipelago and inland waters. Digital tools can make it easier for fish farmers to monitor growth conditions and react to changes.

Raisioagro’s R&D activities have traditionally focused on studying the biological aspects of feed production. Now the company has harnessed research data to gain a better understanding of the customer experience and its importance to business operations.

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