When the Ice is Broken by Shouting

Foreign trade is the lifeblood of Finland. Almost 90% of exports and 80% of imports are transported by ship. In northern conditions, it would be impossible for traffic to enter ports without effective ice-breaking. This ice-breaking requires the help of reliable, effective, and user-friendly coordination systems. Gofore designed a new coordination system that develops and enhances operations in the physically demanding and culturally diverse conditions of ice breakers.

Ice breakers
Cooperating nations
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Working the Kinks Out

The renewed coordination system addresses user needs while offering remarkable improvements compared to the previous system’s performance. Improved route optimisation for ice breakers and assisted ships reduces their fuel costs and avoids unnecessary emissions. Operations have been automatised to a higher degree and the user interface has been remade to meet the practical needs of users. The new system improves cooperation between ice breakers from Finland, Sweden, and Estonia. Furthermore, the crews no longer need to show to break the ice.

When developing IT-systems, the importance of considering the need to share information, continues to grow, especially related to international maritime transport. By renewing and optimising our systems, we are better prepared for higher data transfer needs and we are also bring our level of digitalisation to a higher level.

Seppo Korpela

Project Lead
The Finnish Traffic Agency

Bringing Together

Gofore began planning the system in early 2014.
This project was not just about renewing the technology. It was also creating a new participatory development culture and sharing best practices between countries. From the very beginning of the project user groups were actively involved in the development, with guidelines produced on the basis of the identified needs and wishes. The technical environment of the project was also a key consideration in planning the system.

This was an Agile software development project and, therefore, was developed iteratively. We worked to identify user needs and wishes as well as to actively involving users in development. To achieve the optimal solution, our experts know how in technologies and architectures, was joined with these key user hopes and wishes.

Mikko Lehto

Business Manager

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