Management of Road Traffic Situation Data

The Finnish Transport Agency uses an integrated interface with real-time information for the future management of traffic. Road traffic is no longer monitored from multiple screens which involve various systems to respond to different situations. Now traffic is controlled by a compact six-screen tool. In the future, all road traffic monitoring and related measures will be managed by a single system.

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Architecture and Agile Development

This project to integrate road traffic-control into a single user interface (T-LOIK) is a model example of how overall architecture management can be used to facilitate development in a multi-vendor environment. The project implementation is divided into smaller, agile entities. T-LOIK shows how to avoid excessive dependence on a single supplier and still be able to develop a large system by managing each smaller piece at a time, iteratively and with agility.

T-LOIK is a tool for real-time control in which digitalisation enables management of an entire ecosystem.

Arto Puikkonen


Helping customers manage large projects productively

Goforen consulting group has been closely involved in the T-Loik project in preparation for the bidding process.
We have created a model for organising the development in separate parts, each covering different years and bids.
The Finnish Transport Agency were assisted in the planning and realisation of soliciting bids with the help of experts from Gofore.

By making each part of the project a separate competitive bidding process, the Finnish Transport Agency was able to benefit from the best possible expertise in each area of the project.

With the help of integration consultants, the customer is able to adapt to the complex operating environment and get a better overall view of the project, so that problems do not remain hidden.

At the right time, the project shifted to a continuous development model, allowing for multiple deployments during the year. The project will result in a singular management experience in which data from multiple systems is centralised in one modern interface observed from one work station.

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Business Manager

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