The Good Old Paper Application

The driver certification system which came in the last century, no longer meets today’s requirements. The theoretical test was built on questions with a simple time-limit, and real situations were presented as photos. Test results were reported on paper, with the results fed separately into a degree system. When the authority for certification was transferred from the police to Trafi, the time had come to renew the system.

/ year
Reduction in paper tests
User age range
Results and feedback available

Getting away from paper

The new theory test has been created using pictures of traffic situations generated with animation software, while individual questions are no longer regulated merely by time limits. The theory exam is carried out on a smart tablet, making responding to questions easier. The driving test has also been moved to a smart tablet. The test recipient is evaluated with the tablet and receives feedback electronically. The digital testing process ends with the driver’s license arriving directly to the customer’s postbox.

We lack the testing expertise required, so Gofore has handled quality assurance with the help of its subcontractors. We have also required extra people in procurement and utilised Gofore’s strong expertise in both information architecture and project management.

Mika Hotti


Real-time service

Trafi began building the new driver certification system with Gofore in the summer of 2014. The driver certification process consisting of four separate parts was built using Agile methods. Throughout the project, user experience played a crucial role since the age range of applicants ranged from 14 to 80. An android application was built to transfer information electronically to the certification system, with the former paper stage being left out completely.

Trafi staff has its own user interface for managing theory test questions. The same tool can be used to manage theory and driver tests. The new system allows for easy changes in the theory and driver test structures with changes available in production immediately without any installations.

Mikko Lehto

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