The City’s ICT Services is Built on a Comprehensive Development Model

The City of Vantaa’s ICT services have been rebuilt from the ground up. The new operating model is known in Vantaa as the Solutions Office. In the past, the development of municipal data administration has often consisted of largely independent development projects conducted in different sectors. This approach has often led to a lack of transparency and made it difficult to identify the synergy benefits between different projects. With pressure to streamline operations mounting, municipalities can no longer afford to conduct this kind of overlapping work.

“At municipalities, digitalisation is not just about making analogue processes digital; it’s also about adopting new ways of doing things where necessary”, says Juha Mustonen, Senior Adviser at Gofore.

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Lean Enterprise Architecture Helps Maintain an Overview of IT Projects

The best way to succeed in the development of digital municipal services is to plan the services collaboratively right from the start of the project. With this in mind, the notions of how data administration operates are slowly evolving towards a more solution-oriented direction in Vantaa. This change is being driven by a new approach to data administration, called Lean EA. Lean EA encompasses the entire development process, integrating enterprise architecture, the customer’s needs and an open co-creation model, from an idea all the way to production. As a result of this new way of working, Vantaa is now internally rebranding both its data administration structures and its operating model. The new model emphasises co-creation as the basis for development.

In the future, every municipal manager will be a digital manager – and every budget will be a digital budget. That is why every decision-maker needs to understand the digital world.

Antti Ylä-Jarkko

CIO, City of Vantaa

Digital Municipal Services Are Developed Collaboratively

There are plenty of ideas to be found in the City organisation on how the digital services provided to municipal residents could be developed. In response, the Solutions Office has developed IdeaDialog, a tool that has helped integrate the principles of co-creation into the City’s working methods. The aim of IdeaDialogi is to identify, refine and describe an idea at an adequate level of detail at each stage of development. The Solutions Office uses these descriptions as the basis for preparing solution proposals, which the client approves before an actual production or project decision is made. In order to ensure that all the talk about taking citizens into account and customer-orientation is more than mere rhetoric, the citizens of Vantaa are also provided the opportunity to participate in the development of ideas. For example, in the summer of 2017 the citizens of Vantaa got to participate in the project to create Smartlab’s design laboratory, a co-creation space located in the centre of Tikkurila. One concrete example of an idea developed by the Solutions Office is the publication of hospital queue information on the City of Vantaa’s website.

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