Visualising omnichannel programme selection

Yle broadcasts hundreds of hours of programmes daily on their channels. Besides the traditional broadcast channels, they also offer Yle Areena and a range of diverse online services. To support omnichannel publishing planning, a real-time tool was needed to comprehensively plan the programme selection. Gofore built a functional tool that utilises and combines information from Yle’s broadcast systems, project management systems, and information databases.

tool for publishing planning
programme hours (radio + TV, 2016)

From individual to collaborative planning

Previously, omnichannel publishing planning was done using separate Excel files and documents. However, these didn’t produce the necessary transparency for strategic planning. Now, the data is visualised in a browser-based publishing planning tool. This shows all programmes on the television and radio channels, Yle Areena, and online in a concise and transparent way. The different customer groups, time periods, and content types can be filtered into their own views. You can, for example organise all Ski World Championship programmes, omnichannel youth programmes, or an entire year’s drama programmes onto one visual view. The publishing planning tool also lets you try out different scenarios and manage the programme selection’s publishing planning regardless of the channel or content. Data visualisations also lets management check strategic numbers in almost real-time.

To publish engaging content, you need tools that support visual planning and management. When considering an entire publication, the tool also supports the way we direct our customers as well as increasing transparency.

Jari Lahti


A new working culture

The project was implemented from the user’s point of view and is a part of Yle’s transformation to becoming an agile work place. It has brought a new kind of Lean UX working method to Yle’s publishing planning. One UX designer and three software developers from Gofore were involved in designing and implementing the publishing planning tool. The work was done in two week sprints that guided the project towards the end goal, while Yle’s product owner made sure the team’s work was prioritised. Actual users were involved in planning and testing the prototypes to ensure the best possible tool was created.

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