e-Governance Conference (eGA) – 18.-21.5.2020

Online event

e-Governance Conference (eGA) – 18.-21.5.2020

Online event

Giant leaps start with small steps


e-Governance Online Conference by e-Governance Academy Estonia (eGA) takes place on 18.-21.5.2020. The conference provides you with an unique opportunity to discuss the topics that reflect the governments’ current challenges in helping citizens to manage their lives and businesses online. Keynote presentations, expert sessions and live discussions focus on the practical aspects of digital agendas and collaborative models of e-governance.

As an example of a collaborative e-governance, Gofore was chosen in 2018 as the X-Road Technology Partner to develop X-Road. X-Road is a free and open-source data exchange layer solution that enables organisations to exchange information securely over the Internet. Gofore’s experts have been part of X-Roads deployment and development of X-Road instances and service integrations in both Estonia and Finland.

The main topics of the conference this year are:

  1. Converting a vision of digital transformation into actionable small steps: what are the essential steps and how to move ahead?
  2. How to make the digital component an essential part of a country’s development and how to finance it?
  3. How is the transition to the Cloud based Platform Services envisioned, regulated and managed by the governments?

Gofore will offer consultation packages for the conference attendees in the following themes: Digital Maturity, X-Road training, Remote workshop facilitation, AI&Ethics training, AWS Cloud and Situational awareness. Visit our company page in the Virtual Expo page for more information and ask our experts any questions you may have in the Q&A section of our company page.

You can join the conference by registering and purchasing a ticket via the link below. Before the event starts, you will be sent a joining link via email. Please check your junk folder, if you haven’t received the link. Tickets cost 9,90 EUR.

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