GTalks webinar recording: Good basics of Cloud

GTalks webinar recording: Good basics of Cloud


How do you get the most out of cloud services?

Cloud services offer the opportunity to organize services and operations in a new way. They are most often used for reliability, scalability, cost savings and the ability to react more quickly to changes in the operating environment. Achieving benefits often requires a change in behaviour. Turning technology alone to being cloud-based is rarely enough.

Our webinar covers the basics of the cloud and the essentials that help you leverage cloud services in a truly productive way.

Webinar content:

  • What does the vision, strategy and governance model of cloud services mean and what should be taken into account in their design?
  • How does the current state of the cloud mapping and improvement program help organizations focus on key areas for development?
  • What issues should be considered in creating a good and secure cloud base?

Webinar experts: Jussi Puustinen, Tiia Hietala and Joonas Vuorela

Webinar recording:

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