GTalks: Real DevOps = A culture of shared prosperity 20.5.2021


GTalks: Real DevOps = A culture of shared prosperity 20.5.2021



What kind of lessons does DevOps offer to create a thriving software development culture and how to support change through monitoring?

DevOps is an operating culture where value for customers and the well-being of developers go hand in hand. In order for the DevOps operating model to be scalable across the organization, it needs a culture of psychological safety to support it, characterized by strong leadership and continuous competence development. In addition, pertinent monitoring plays a big role in building sustainable change.

Our webinar discusses the fundamentals of a DevOps culture that creates positive customer value – the factors that help create lovable digital services.

Event themes: 

  • The basics of a thriving software development culture
  • Towards good developer experience and better customer value with DevOps: psychological safety, motivation and relevance
  • Essential goals and monitoring to support change

Event speakers:

  • Jani Haapala, DevOps Architect, has years of experience with DevOps and he works as a DevOps architect at Gofore.
  • Taru Hermunen-Kuusela, Senior Consultant, is an experienced human-centered change expert who works as a senior consultant at CCEA.

A link to the webinar will be emailed the day before the webinar. Please check your spam if you have not received the link. There will also be time for questions at the end of the event in the form of live Q&A session, so feel free to ask – the speakers will be happy to answer the participants’ questions. You can ask general questions related to the webinar below or send them later to: events@gofore.com


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Thursday 20.5.2021
12:00-13:30 CET