600minutes Innovation and Product Development

Many companies build services on the top of products. We believe that forward looking companies design services against customer demand and use products as platform for services. Genuine competitiveness requires also organisational transformation – developing customer-oriented operations, together with their own employees. This generates new kind of business culture, responsiveness and customer experience.

Come to listen Gofore’s Janne Palovuori, Service Designer and Kemira’s Markus Seppälä, Director Digital Solutions, who will be presenting Kemira Smart Dewatering – Creating customer value through technology and service design.

You can book a meeting with our Henna-Mari Nyblom, Sales Lead, and Juha Turunen, Managing Consultant, in the event, if you are interested in how to turn your product development into service development. Gofore is an expert in creating purposeful services that deliver rich customer and employee experience.

If you have questions before the event, please contact:

Henna-Mari Nyblom (henna-mari.nyblom@gofore.com)
Juha Turunen (juha.turunen@gofore.com)