The Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority approved Gofore Plc’s prospectus


The Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority has today, on 3 November 2017, approved Gofore Plc’s (“Go- fore” or the “Company”) prospectus regarding the Company’s planned listing on the First North Finland mar- ketplace of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd and the initial public offering related thereto (the “IPO”).

The prospectus will be available in electronic form on or about 3 November 2017, on Gofore’s website at and at the website of Evli Bank Plc at The printed versions of the prospectus will be available on or about 6 November at the registered office of the Company at Kalevantie 2, FI-33100 Tampere, at Evli Bank Plc’s office located at Aleksanterinkatu 19 A, 4th floor, FI-00100 Helsinki and at the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd (Fabianinkatu 14, 00100 Helsinki). The prospec- tus is only published in Finnish.

The subscription period for the IPO commences on 6 November 2017. An unofficial translation of the terms and conditions of the IPO is attached to this press release.

Further enquiries

Timur Kärki, CEO, Gofore

tel. 040 828 5886

Petteri Venola, CFO, Gofore

tel. 0400 805 487

Riikka Nurminen, Marketing & Communications Director, Gofore

tel. 050 486 8600

Gofore Plc is a digital services company operating since 2002. We offer modern services that help operators in the private and public sectors to face digital change. Our mission is to change the world for the better through digitalisation and by renewing ways of working. Our services cover the entire value chain – from management consultation to service design and implementation as well as cloud services. Staying on top and ahead of the development requires us to be fast-paced, regenerative and competitive. We have 15 years of expertise in this. Our operations are characterised by top expertise, alacrity and genuine interaction. We believe that we are the best partner to our clients on the path to digital change. Gofore currently employs over 350 people in Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Tampere, Swansea and Munich. Gofore was chosen as the best workplace in Finland and the second-best workplace in Europe in the Great Place to Work® survey in 2017. More information:


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