Business Review

Gofore publishes monthy Business Reviews. Reporting covers the month’s net sales, the net sales of the corresponding month in the previous year as well as the number of employees. Reporting has been supplemented with the Full Time Equivalent (FTE) figure as well as subcontracting FTEs. These additions will further facilitate transparency at the monthly level of the company’s growth strategy as well as the transparency of the company’s business.

The figures are unaudited.

The table below will be completed as the year progresses.

The latest business reviews can be found here.

Net sales,
(Net sales
2017) [1]
Number of
Number of
working days
in Finland
Full Time
FTE [2]
FTE [3]
September 4,7 (3,7) 475 20 443 52
August 4,6 (3,4) 476 23 413 46
July 2,2 (1.3) 419 22 400 24
June 4,1 (3,2) 423 20 405 50
May 4,4 (3,3) 413 21 (+Ascension day) 389 47
April 4,0 (2,6) 397 20 377 41
March 4,2 (3,3) 392 21 366 49
February 3,8 (2,7) 386 20 354 45
January 4,1 (2,7) 377 22 346 42

1) Net sales, MEUR (net sales in 2017), reports net sales (unaudited) for that month. In parentheses, comparing to the previous year, the combined net sales of Gofore Oy and the Leadin Group is presented for January-May.

2) Full Time Equivalent (FTE) figure shows the total capacity of the Group’s staff as equivalent to the number of full-time employees. The figure includes all staff regardless of their role. Annual holidays, overtime compensatory leave, sick leave or other short-term absences do not affect the FTE figure. Part-time and other long-term regular working time deviations reduce the number of full time equivalents as compared to the total number of employees.

3) Subcontracting, FTE (Full Time Equivalent) figure indicates the amount of subcontracting used in the billed work as equivalent to the number of full-time employees.