Gofore's strengths provide a competitive advantage

We consider our main strengths to be:

  • Strong expertise and know-how
  • A unique corporate culture, which allows us to set ambitious targets
  • A flat organisation and an innovative management model
  • Minimisation of risks through business predictability
  • Continuous development
  • Wide range of operating sectors and technologies

We provide expert services for tackling digital change

Digitalisation has driven many sectors into a maelstrom of changes requiring constant reinvention. In order to adapt to a new operating environment and take advantage of the available opportunities, an organisation also needs to rework its structures, processes, systems and working culture.

Our expert services form the framework for each customer’s own development work. In our view, increasing the efficiency of processes and operating methods enhances the flexibility of the entire organisation and enables it to achieve continuous improvement and success in the face of future changes.

Gofore meets the challenges of its customer companies by providing management consulting services, design and construction of IT services, and cloud services. At the same time, we also help our customers create a culture of continuous change.

To stay ahead of developments, a service provider needs to be fast, adaptable, competitive and agile. Gofore has already accumulated 16 years of experience in these areas.

Diverse customer base

Gofore’s customer base includes public administration bodies as well as large and medium-sized enterprises. We strive to provide our customers with high-quality expert services in a flexible and customer-oriented manner.