Future prospects

Financial goals

Gofore is pursuing revenue growth exceeding the growth of the target market, estimated to be an annual 15–25% in the next few years, and earnings before interest, taxes and amortisation (EBITA) of 15%.

The company’s Board of Directors has based its estimate on the business capacity of Gofore Group as it stands after the Leadin acquisition. Therefore, the corporate acquisition made in the middle of the financial period (May 2017) has a significant impact on the comparability of the financial goals with the reportable and realised group-level financial information for 2017. Leadin Group’s financial figures have been consolidated with Gofore’s financial information as of 1 June 2017, which means that the reportable financial details do not include Leadin’s financial data for the period between January and May 2017.

Forecast for 2017

The company’s management estimates that the Group’s turnover will increase to MEUR 32.5–34.5 (reported) in the 2017 financial period, and that the EBITA will stand at MEUR 5.2–6.2 (reported).