Gofore aims for strong and profitable growth

One of Gofore’s operational principles is constant reinvention. Every year, Gofore reviews new strategic development targets, with the aim of reinforcing its position in the focus market through the identification and development process.


Strong organic growth

Gofore aims to increase its share of the market generated by the digital disruption

003 Gofore Helsinki 6-2017


The growing digital service markets in Western Europe provide a basis for expanding international operations

Gofore serves as an excellent platform for international growth thanks to its operations in the UK, Germany and Spain. Through our increasingly diversified pool of competence, we also aim to serve our current and future international customers on a broader scale

003 Gofore Helsinki 6-2017
032 Gofore Tampere 6-2017

Growth through corporate acquisitions

Gofore is also considering corporate acquisitions to support its strategy

In 2017, the company bought the service design company Leadin in order to be able to provide its customers with more comprehensive services than before. The customer bases of Gofore and Leadin complement each other: Gofore is known for its strong position as an information system supplier and consultant for the public sector, whereas Leadin’s customers are mainly domestic and foreign companies in the fields of industry, services and technology


Expanding business in the private sector

In 2016, our sales organisation specifically set out to gain more private sector customers

The efforts to bolster our service design expertise also serves our customers in the private sector.