Turning concepts into successful products


Turning concepts into successful products

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How to bring human centricity into a development process?

The Gofore Maintaining Momentum model turns ideas into successful products. It emphasizes your most influential and important asset, people.

Human-centric design should be a continuous parallel track in your development process. Ideas can be easily turned to concepts, but with enthusiasm good concepts come alive and turn into products and business.

First step is gathering understanding with The Wheel of Momentum.

Do you have momentum?

The Wheel of Momentum considers individual’s needs on a deeper level.

It allows teams to evaluate, whether they are likely to keep up the momentum and the wheel rolling. The deeper the dents, the harder it is to keep moving forward.

How to fix your wheel?

Human-centricity is brought by utilizing design thinking: co-creative methods combined together with technology.

The Maintaining Momentum Model is a combination of our capabilities:

  • Leadership and organisational design
  • Teamwork improvement
  • On-demand consulting

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Gofore is your partner in human-centric solutions. We enable companies renew their businesses, help them transform their organizations and operations, reshape their culture, and design & deliver end-to-end technical solutions. We help our customers develop their capabilities and readiness to enable digital transformation, and guide them in continuous learning.

Let's get to work! We are ready when you are.

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