The impact of the Ukraine war on Gofore and Goforeans

The impact of the Ukraine war on Gofore and Goforeans

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine 24.2.2022 was a global shock and brought the war closer than we could have expected in Europe. Concerns about both the human tragedy and the global economic situation are strongly present in every community.

The service we provide to our customers is not affected by the crisis, as we have no employees, subcontractors or direct customers in Ukraine or in Russia. Also, we do not intend to use the services of Russian or Belarusian subcontractors in the future.

The crisis has naturally aroused a wide range of feelings in Goforeans as well. We offer our employees a variety of ways to deal with the fears and anxieties associated with the situation, and we support those employees whose family or other loved ones are directly affected by the crisis.

Goforeans have founded a fundraising site for the Finnish Red Cross, and the company will double the donated amount at the time it is 10,000 euros or no later than March 13th.

Our thoughts are with Ukraine, where many new technology companies and young IT professionals have been involved in building a more digital world across national borders. Together with the Finnish government and countless other organisations, we strongly condemn Russia’s military action against Ukraine.

We encourage you to contact us if there is anything that concerns you regarding this matter.

On behalf of Goforeans and ethical digital world,

Mikael Nylund
CEO, Gofore Plc