Agile methods

Supporting Software Development with Agile consultation

Software engineering is saturated with various practices and methodologies. How do you pick the right methods for your organisation? What preconditions do the available methodologies require? When should you migrate from a previously used methodology to another one?

We’re a methodology-independent partner, meaning we’re not absolutely tied to Scrum, Kanban, Lean, SAFe or LeSS. First and foremost, as software best practices consultants, we help our clients to choose the most suitable engineering practices instead of offering only a single-set solution. You’ll get all of the services required for updating your software development competences from us.

A successful jump-start

  • Using an efficient survey, we help organisations and teams to choose best-fit software engineering methods

Safe acceleration

  • We back you up with a pragmatic and mentor-like touch during the deployment of the chosen methodology
  • We advise where the various methods and practices best work for you and when it’s the time to consider switching to another methodology
  • We assist you in choosing relevant metrics for improving and leading your software development teams

Leading the change

  • We coach leaders in creating a motivating and self-governing culture within the organisation
  • We bolster leaders in adopting new ways of governance and support them in creating a genuinely customer oriented organisation
  • We help leaders implement successful organisational transformation programs.

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