Data transformation engine

Data and technology enable a systemic change in which business models and management systems are re-evaluated from new perspectives. Analytics and artificial intelligence are the engines of acting.

Towards a snapshot of knowledge

From now and into the future, business and public sector actors are ever more informed. Knowledge-based management and organisational support for a new way of working requires knowledge, innovative use of data, analytics and artificial intelligence. The vision is created through advanced analysis, segmentation, categorisation, reasoning and prediction.

In the future, a snapshot of information from various actors will proactively better serve customers. The design principles for the snapshots should be client-oriented and derived from the same principles, so that a positive impact can be created.

Efficiency and customer orientation

Data and knowledge become more important resources. Information is collected, edited, transferred and stored in countless internal systems. With Robotic Process Automation software, the need for manual work on data processing can be substantially reduced. Automated decisions and recommendations with artificial intelligence, as part of an automated data stream, will further increase the level of automation.

Customer orientation includes the possibility of using 24/7 services. Chatbots provide customers with the opportunity to acquire services and information in a natural language. Advanced analytics and artificial intelligence allow cost-effective development of customer communication based on natural language.

The solid foundation for an individual service is a comprehensive understanding of customers.

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