Success is built together


Invest in yourself – sign an employment contract and receive Gofore shares worth EUR 1,500

According to our values, people come first. At Gofore, we improve our operations together. We work and succeed together, right from day one. We are offering an opportunity to participate in Gofore’s success as a new employee and shareholder.

We’re giving Gofore shares worth EUR 1,500 to the next 50 employees during the period between 15 February and 30 June, 2018.

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The bonus is intended for Gofore’s new employees provided that the employee’s permanent employment agreement is valid at the time the shares are delivered and that the employee has not resigned. The campaign applies only to Finland and to those employment contracts directly tied to the parent company.

Shares are taxable income for the recipients and the company’s average share price during the aforementioned period determines the total number of shares. The shares to be divested are either new shares or acquired from the marketplace to the name of the recipient. All shares will be handed over simultaneously in autumn 2018. Read more on our company announcement.