First stable version released at the end of year 2016 Angular has quickly become one of the most used frameworks to build high-quality user interfaces. The modern component-based and reactive approach gathers the best sides of all current solutions to form single uniform, performant framework.

The training is suitable for all people with moderate experience in building applications with Angular and knowing basics of reactive programming with Observables. Upon attending the course an attendant is able to build sophisticated and elegant architectures with Angular with help of unidirectional data flows. The training consists of lots of exercises for which an own computer is a must for attendant.

  • Besides our experienced trainers the participants have full access to the materials along with the exercises.
  • The training can take one to three days depending on the content covered.
  • Training is available both in English and Finnish.
  • The contents of training is always tailored to match your needs.

Let's choose the appropriate contents together

State of Angular Ecosystem
  • Recap of what’s happened for Angular since 2.0.0
  • @angular/cli
  • Future of Angular
Unidirectional Data Flows
  • Efficient usage of Observables
  • @ngrx/store
  • @ngrx/effects
  • Testing
Progressive Web Applications
  • What is a Progressive Web Application?
  • Service Worker
  • Web App Manifest
  • IndexedDB
  • Offline-first design
  • Angular support
  • @angular/cli support
  • Using @ngrx to support offline-first approach
Hot Topics
  • Lazy loading
  • Change detection and optimizations
  • End-to-end (E2E) testing
  • Animations
Angular Elements
  • Motivation
  • Custom Elements
  • Styles
  • Usage in web pages
  • Current support & future


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