React is a popular Javascript framework for building user interfaces. React makes it possible to build simple and reusable components.

The goal of this training is that you understand the benefits, purpose and mechanics of React so that you are able to build production-ready user interfaces.
This course contains an information package about the basics of React and the essential Javascript features. You will build a working React application together with instructors. This training can also include Redux, which is a state management library commonly used with React.

This training also suits developers who have no prior experience about SPA-applications (Single Page Application).

  • We offer professional and experienced coaches, simple training materials and exercies.
  • Duration of the training is 1-3 days, depending on the chosen subjects.
  • The training can be in English or Finnish.
  • You choose the training location. We offer our cozy office spases to use.
  • We customize the training according to your needs togerther with our coaches.

Let's choose a suitable training package

Day 1

SPA and JavaScript basics
  • Single-Page Applications (SPA): architecture and basics
  • JavaScript, ES6
React basics
  • Core features and suitability
  • Components and component architecture
  • Component’s props and state
  • Processing functions and data flow
  • JSX
  • DOM-renderöinti
React advanced
  • Use of development tools (Webpack, ESLint, React DevTools, node ja npm/yarn)
  • React Router
  • Use of extensions and librarys
  • Performance (immutability, pure rendering, obstacles)

Day 2

Framework background
Framework, Redux
  • Redux basics (Actions, Reducers, Store)
  • Asynchronous ja middleware (redux-promise, redux-thunk)
React advanced
  • Higher order components
  • Shallow- ja DOM -rendering
  • Unit testaus
  • Jest, Enzyme
  • Snapshot-testing

Day 3

CSS Modules
Localization (react-intl)
Framework Redux
  • Redux extensions (Redux Form, Reselect)
  • React-router-redux
Framework Mobx
  • Mobx developement
Universal React
  • Server end rendering and preparation
  • Progressive Wep Apps (Service Workers, App Shell)
Security (CSRF, Cross-site scripting)
E2E testing
React Native basics


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