Want to be part of building something totally new? Want to be member of one of the Great Places to Work® in Europe?

Gofore is growing fast and we are looking for DevOps-specialist to join our team in Helsinki, Tampere and Madrid.

Working at Gofore

”My name is Aki Ristkari and I work at Gofore as a system architect, to put it in more modern manner a ‘devops dude’. I’m the person behing IT systems who is thinking about infrastructure, internal workings of the systems and takes care that everything works and is automized where possible. Instead of siloing, my other leg is in the sysadmin-boot and the other in the developer boot. I’m familiar with Ansible, CI/CD-pipelines, blue/green-deployment, microservices, Python, Ruby, Spring. Also Oracle, PostgreSQL, NGINX, Docker, ECS and Kubernetes are quite familiar.

Most important aspects in my role is to understand systems as a whole and learn new stuff. Keeping in track with new technologies requires intrest on the subject and continuous learning. Most of our current projects are implemented using cloud services, so technologies related to them are important. I have been concentrating on AWS and Gofore has been supporting my certification path very well. Next I’ll be concentrating on Google Cloud.

In my role I’m able to see various kinds of it-systems and work with extremely talented coders for the best of the customer.”

What we look for

You are fashinated especially by automating infrastructure and cloud technologies. You might have experience in Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud or Azure. You are equally interested in terms like Ansible, Continuous Deployment and Docker.

You can apply for this position even though your career in cloud technologies and infrastructure is just starting. We believe that more important than mastering single skills is the will the develop and learn. Your current position is of systems specialist or developer, looking for new challenges.


Please send your application from the link below no later than 25.3.2018. We will start the interviews as soon as a suitable candidate comes across, so act fast!