Agile Tampere – 23.1.2020


Agile Tampere is a new one-day conference in the heart of Finland, in the beautiful city of Tampere, organised by Agile Finland Ry. Agile Tampere will introduce speakers from around the world that are thought leaders in their own expertise area, be it agile portfolio/product management, cultural change, latest on DevOps or tips on how to not to do an agile transformation.
Many organisations have jumped on the agile wagon to succeed in the fast-paced digital era and have found that it is relatively easy to ‘do agile’ but much more difficult to delight customers and achieve real business impact.

Agile Tampere explores ways to get truly meaningful outcomes and true business agility. You will experience how and why to shake the organisational structures, create agile decision making models and value driven portfolios, make investment decisions, measure the results and lead our people. The list is long but the event is not: it is a carefully built package for your agile needs.

Meet our agile experts to discuss the agile opportunities in your organisation. See you in January!

List of the speakers

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