Women in Tech Forum – 11.10.2019


Women in Tech Forum – 11.10.2019


The wildly successful Women in Tech Forum 2019 sold out within minutes and we feel privileged to be able to take part in supporting the community and to help get more diversity in the tech industry!

What’s the best advice you have ever received? What is your greatest strength? A failure you learned from? Come meet us at our stand number 30 to see what piece of wisdom goforeans wanted to share, or write something inspirational for other attendees that you think might help them in their career and life. Our lovely team of goforean ladies AnniJuliaMona and Tiia are looking forward to meeting you for chats at the stand and via the Tavata meeting app.

See you in Finlandia Hall!

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Women in Tech is an organization network for promoting the value of diversity in technology. The activities of the network are free and open to all.

We recommend that you visit Women in Tech website to learn more about Women in Tech’s purpose and objectives and to find information of other organisations and networks working with making the tech field more diverse: