SDN Meetup: Design for Social Impact

Design for Social Impact

As digitalization moves forward on many new areas in our society, there is a growing trend of designing services, where the expected impact is not measured by profits created, market adoption or user delight but rather by benefit for the individual or the community/society as whole. These kind of services may be targeted towards the whole population or some user group with special needs and both of these aspecs bring different types of challenges to the design process and design methods that are suitable. In this SDN Meetup, you will gain insight into designing such services through three interesting case studies, each with their own special angle.

The topics and the speakers:

– Virve Kuorelahti, Gofore: Happy Citizens via Design? The Citizen Experience

– Ville Koistinen, CGI: Chabla: from idea to live service. Designing the ”Uber of sign language interpretation” More about the case:

– Jarmo Korhonen, Gofore: Who are you? Design for Your Situations in Life

The event is sponsored by Gofore and there will be something to eat and drink. Welcome!