Web Dev & Sausages Vol. 5: The Micro Christmas Hackathon

Come celebrate the one-year anniversary of WB&S by coding with us.

Bots and Battle³:

Let’s have some fun coding bots to play a simple game of strategy: Battle³. The goal is to design clever bots as micro services in any language you like. The bots should survive in Battle³ as long as possible by moving and lobbing bombs.

We will provide a Node api for Battle³, as well as a client to watch and adjust the game. There will be some dumb bots in the boilerplate to get you started. During the event a helpdesk will be available with different areas of relevant expertise. The challenge can be both really simple or quite complex–it is up to you.

In addition to, or instead of, coding bots, you may also want to design a new UI to visualize the game if that is your kind of thing. Code in a team or alone; its up to you. The game is simple enough that anybody with some programming skills should be able to join in, whether you like coding UIs, solving algorithms or drinking beer and cheering.

The best bots will be awarded prizes!

The schedule:

17:30 – Kick off. A little intro to the boilerplate code, the helpdesk dudes, and food and drink. Teams can start whenever they arrive. We will try to have drinks and food flowing throughout the event.

21:30 – First round of survival of the best bot in Battle³.

22:30 – Final round of survival of the best bot in Battle³ and awarding of winners.