Improved tractor performance and better crop yields through smart software

Gofore helps to develop special software products for tractors and implements to be able to communicate with each other in the field and run on a largely automated basis. One of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery and technology, the US-based AGCO Corporation, uses such platforms to ease the work of customers.


Diverse digital solutions in agricultural engineering

Running a sustainable and profitable farm means using intelligent and autonomous machinery. Fewer and fewer people work in agriculture, even though they need to feed an ever-growing world population. Then there are challenges such as climate change, complex regulations, and rising costs for commodities such as energy or fertilizer. AGCO operates by the motto “Farmer First”, which means equipping its leading brands of agricultural machinery – Fendt, Massey Ferguson, and Valtra – with the latest technology. Since each provider offers, among others, many different series of tractors, with various options available for each specific range and model, the challenge is a complex one.

In demand are state-of-the art software products, such as guidance systems. These contain driver assistance functions or other optimised features and can, for instance, steer tractors along pre-determined tracks via GPS signal for more efficient utilisation of their fields. The efficient use of agricultural land may lead to higher crop yields.

To this end, AGCO employs product experts who understand the needs of farmers and contractors worldwide. They are responsible for software development, the testing of intelligent machines and associated test systems. Gofore employees were also involved in this context.


Model-based design that involves all development stakeholders at every stage of development

As in the case of hydraulic units, for example, the software development method is always based on simulations or is done through virtual prototyping. In doing so, it is possible to test a product at every stage of its development, even before it goes into production. This minimises error rates while increasing the quality of the final product.

Aside from the visible benefits this approach brings to the actual development process, the understanding between mechanics and software engineers is also enhanced significantly. Both parties are enabled to speak the same language.

A human approach thus characterises the cooperation. While each business unit is allocated one point-of-contact who steers the process, regular project meetings with AGCO provide the opportunity to proactively discuss new features, developments in the field of assistance systems and other trends as well as to work out solutions.

“We appreciate the human approach that’s reflected in flexibility and quick readiness, even at short notice.”

Thomas Richter, VP, Engineering, Electronic Functional Group (EFG), AGCO

“Our long-standing business relationship is based on mutual confidence and trust, which – together with Gofore’s long-standing experience with AGCO – makes it easier to work together on new projects as well.”

Daniel Hoellisch, Global Product Owner, Electronic Functional Group (EFG), AGCO


Even smarter tractors for customers

The new software is also retrofittable for tractors of older generations and is of course used in the current series. Final products include integrated cabin equipment units, such as switches, displays, speakers, and general control functionalities for tractors.

Thanks to such upgrades, both farmers and contractors are enabled to work more efficiently. Autonomous functions such as GPS-based guidance, a sort of driver assistance, optimise tillage. This increases productivity and reduces use of resources such as diesel or fertiliser.

Case Highlights

Smart software products for optimised field management

This software, specifically developed for AGCO, is the result of agile, collaborative efforts. Gofore’s integrative approach to modelling guarantees high-quality software products: Virtual prototyping, for example, speeds up the development process and consequently improves time-to-market, which AGCO also benefits from. At the same time, AGCO can further strengthen its position as a sustainability leader.

The partnership between Gofore and AGCO began initially with the brand Valtra. Meanwhile, the relationship has deepened and grown into an on-going collaboration between different business units across various countries.

Case in numbers

  • 40 Project team size
  • 19 Different capabilities
  • 10 Years of cooperation
  • 4 Involved Business Units
  • 3 Involved countries


The skills & competences utilised in the project

  • R&D
  • UX and UI design
  • Back-end development
  • Embedded software development
  • Cloud infrastructure solutions
  • Data and AI solutions
  • End-to-end IoT solutions
  • Model-Based Development
  • Scrum
  • HIL/SIL simulation
  • Test automation
  • Virtual prototyping
  • Testing and verification
  • AUTOSAR development
  • Qt development
  • Mobile applications
  • Control systems
  • CI/CD
  • Continuous service development

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