Case Elisa

5G test automation ensures Elisa’s customer experience

Case Elisa

5G test automation ensures Elisa’s customer experience

"Now we can test for many things that would have been nearly impossible to test for without the use of automation"

Marko Myöhänen

Head of Testing


The teleoperator Elisa trusts Gofore’s test automation both for testing 5G phones and mobile routers. Long-lasting cooperation creates a strong foundation for a partnership based on trust.

The new collaboration project is linked to testing Elisa’s strategically important 5G network. The venture comprises two test projects, one focusing on testing mobile routers and the other on testing phones. All testing will be performed in Elisa’s test laboratory in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki, which specializes in mobile testing.

Only the best for the customer

Extensive and thorough terminal testing is required since Elisa’s customers own a highly heterogenic assortment of devices. Elisa wishes to provide all its customers with the optimal user experience and quality of service. This would not be possible without extensive testing.

The setup of the 5G network is constantly changing, as both the devices and their software are updated. As the service provider, Elisa makes sure that the changes do not reduce the quality of their service in this complex network.

Testing the new devices and software updates in the laboratory immediately after Elisa has access to them helps ensure the quality of service. This takes place before the end users have the chance to acquire new devices.

“Gofore has created an automation environment in our test laboratory where terminals are automatically tested in order to prevent potential problems before they can occur,” says Elisa’s Head of Testing, Marko Myöhänen.

The same test automation for all devices

Elisa uses the same Gofore test automation environment for testing 5G network mobile routers.

“When a new kind of base station or base station software is implemented for the network, we automatically test it with all devices to prevent anything from breaking. It is wonderful that we can use the same automation system for testing all the devices and software for the network.”

Test automation also finds out what effects network parameters have on the functionality of the network. Automation guarantees that Elisa does not deal with regression problems.

Test automation has been planned at Elisa for several years in cooperation with Gofore. The planning for the currently implemented 5G test environment began late in the spring of 2020. One year later at the end of May 2021, test automation operations could be implemented at full capacity at the test laboratory.

Farewell to manual testing

Automation has brought about quite the change compared to the previous approach, which was manual testing. Manual testing ate up lots of resources that could have been used for other purposes. The reliability of the tests was also nowhere near the level that has now been achieved.

The constantly changing 5G network environment has created its own problems for testing.

“We did not begin work on creating 5G test automation earlier because the technology just was not there yet, and there was no sense in creating automation as things were. Now was finally the right time to go forward with the project with Gofore, as the technology has advanced sufficiently.”

An interconnected web of devices

The test automation environment is made up of a large number of routers from different manufacturers in the RF booth and dozens of phone models. Both routers and phones can be cross-tested with different software. This way, there are thousands of different combinations.

When changes from different parameters such as load and attenuation are added to the equation along with testing with different frequencies, automation provides a decisive advantage over manual testing.

“Now we can test for many things that would have been nearly impossible to test for without the use of automation,” says Myöhänen.

Sprint brings constant results

Even though building the automation system took approximately one year, Myöhänen has enjoyed the whole process.

“Partnership with Gofore has meant that we have received steady results along the way, all of which have been useful to us.”

One of the concrete benefits to a completed test automation system is more significant than the others.

“The most important benefit has been that testing new software versions has become noticeably more comprehensive. We have also been able to incorporate the entire phone arsenal in our network testing.”

Visualizing the test results has been a noticeable improvement on testing phone models compared to the previous numeral information.

“Through test automation, we now have access to visual statistics on phone performance in different network environments. We are now able to compare how different phones work in different network environments much better than before. It was always a struggle to achieve this in the live setting. Gofore has done a remarkable job with the visualization.”

Close partnership

The long-lasting and close partnership between Elisa and Gofore is reflected in their daily cooperation in many ways. Gofore’s test automation experts are an integral part of Elisa’s team where they are treated like family.

“Gofore’s experts understand our needs in good time, and we are developing our collaboration through close cooperation. We know precisely what to do and what not to do.”

“Gofore’s sprint approach is something I especially appreciate, as it has always resulted in providing us with what was promised. The flexible sprint model has genuinely been effective, unlike with any other supplier. Our collaboration with Gofore is a truly amazing partnership for us,” says Myöhänen.

"Gofore has created an automation environment in our test laboratory where terminals are automatically tested in order to prevent potential problems before they can occur"

Marko Myöhänen

Head of Testing


Project highlights

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Test automation

Comprehensive automatic testing of 5G mobile phones and mobile routers, which has sped up testing and allowed for the implementation of brand-new tests.
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Very clear mobile phone test visualizations through which the customer experience can be enhanced.
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Sprint approaches

Gofore’s sprint approach, which has provided Elisa with concrete benefits throughout the year-long development project.


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