Calm Technology Workshop 16.6.23


Calm Technology workshop with Amber Case

We are organizing a Calm technology workshop together with the well known American anthropologist Amber Case. The workshop will be in Helsinki on Friday, 16th of June from 9.00 – 12.00.

Amber Case, named one of Inc. Magazine’s 30 under 30, she is an internationally recognized design advocate and speaker and the author of four books, including Calm Technology and A Kids Book About Technology. She spent two years as a fellow at MIT’s Center for Civic Media and Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society. Her TED Talk, We Are All Cyborgs Now has over 2 million views.

She will lead us to the world of calm technology. Calm technology is a principle that aims to develop more humane technological products and services. The goal is to create technology that does not consume all our attention, but only requires it at certain moments. Technology should respect human time instead of taking it away. Such products or services include, for example, the focus modes of our smartphones or smart home devices that reduce manual job, such as lights that operate according to sunlight.

In this workshop, we dive into the core of calm technology and ponder how we could incorporate it more into the operations of Gofore and our clients.

Would be great to have you join us as an special guest and share your valuable insights and thoughts.

Warmly welcome!

Get to know Amber Case and her work from Medium and Twitter

Agenda for the day

Who is it for? Decision-makers and implementers of new digital products.

Location: Allas Sea Pool, Helsinki

Schedule for Friday, June 16, 2023, from 9.00-12.00

8:30 a.m. Breakfast available

9:00 a.m. Workshop begins

12:00 p.m. Workshop ends

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