We are building an ethical digital world

We assist our clients in achieving their sustainability goals through our digitalisation and change management expertise. Our aim is to build a world that is both ethical and digital.

We strive to minimise our own environmental impact and invest a great deal in development of an inclusive and diverse Gofore.

We are committed to advancing the UN Sustainability Development Goals and have recognized six goals that are the most relevant to our business.

Multiple graphs. Percentage of Women in board of director's & management team, Distribution of employees by age group, Women's Average pay.


We look after our employees and continuously develop our operations to ensure employees find their work important and exciting and that Goforeans feel like an important part of our community. We identify the strong commitment of our employees as one of the key factors to our success.

Our goal is to support the inclusiveness and diversity of the work community in international and intercultural collaboration. In our organisation diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) are considered as strengths that enhance human capital, well-being at work, productivity, and the ability to innovate. We have defined our own DEIB metrics and goals, which we actively monitor and track. In addition, we ensure that women always make up at least 33 % of employees and that the Group’s Executive Management Team is made up of at least the same proportion of women as our total employees. In addition, we also ensure that women always make up at least 40 per cent of our Board of Directors.


We aim to minimise the environmental effects of our own operations. In particular, this means minimising our climate impacts. From 2021 onwards we have been committed to carbon neutrality. This goal has been partially achieved through emission offsetting. We are committed to reducing the emissions from our own operations (scopes 1 & 2) to zero by 2030.

Gofore's GHG emissions TCO2-EQ
Graph. Scope 3 emissions categorised
Table. Gofore's emission targets.

Gofore's emission goals


Good corporate citizenship means that we, as a company understand that businesses are an integral part of society and that the relationship is reciprocal. In 2023 we will establish The Impact Foundation to support projects where digital transformation is used to promote positive societal impacts and combat digital transformation’s negative side effects. We also donate our expertise to non-profit organisations to enhance their digitalisation efforts. We are proud of our tax footprint and have never done any tax evasion. 

Principles of governance

Our operations are based on openness and transparency, both internally and externally, and towards all our stakeholders. Our business is largely founded on the trust of customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders. Information security is key to maintaining and guaranteeing that trust. The confidentiality, integrity and availability of information in all its forms is important to our continued operations and good governance.

Ethical Thinking at Gofore

As pioneers of ethical digitalisation our actions aim for positive impact. We are continuously developing organisational structures and tools that enable ethical conduct. An example of this is our Code of Ethics, a manual that provides code of conduct and also establishes ethical foundations. When you face an ethically challenging situation, take out this booklet and start a conversation.

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